Ideanco Celebrating 20 Years

Ideanco is celebrating 20 years of innovation and transformation.

We are celebrating 20 years of innovations and transformation utilizing the power of crowdsourcing.

Ideanco, the idea innovator company, was founded in 1999 as a commercial platform for the talented crowd to contribute their ideas and collaborate on finding practical solutions for our customer’s challenges. Ideanco opened its doors with a strategy advisory arm providing superior quality of service and seamless interaction to customers from anywhere in the world. The company has grown to serve a wide range of vertical market customers coming from aerospace, climate change, renewable energy to defense, education, and many more. With hybrid offices (physical and virtual) spanning between North America, Europe, and Asia, Ideanco became a well-known crowdsourcing platform providing opportunities for both our elite talent and customers.

The Gig Economy is creating tremendous opportunities; ideanco is building a unique culture of crowdsourcing innovation internally and creating an innovation ecosystem externally to cater to such demand.  Today, Ideanco is very proud to celebrate 20 years of steadfast commitment to providing its legacy crowdsourcing advisory service at the highest quality with a robust transformative impact.


To create a thriving world of opportunities benefiting the world, today and tomorrow


To exploit opportunities with the most exceptional talent, building together a prosperous and adventurous community

Ideanco looked across the horizon and started to expand its core services by introducing practical training equipping professionals and innovators with all types of trendy skills under the newly introduced “Academy.”, and providing research, incubation, and crowdfunding services for startups under the recently formed “Lab.”


Being a firm believer in diversity, Ideanco is playing a pivotal role in shaping the Gig Economy. Ideanco is engaging its crowdsourcing business model to empower talent from all over the world and to deliver original ideas to ideanco’s customer core business, which helped to grow their business exponentially with a strong disruptive arm. In return, such a great crowdsourcing business model also helped ideanco grow to cultivate our talent, making sure they flourish and design an exciting and healthy career path that is suitable for their needs.

Our commitment to our vision and mission is strong by remaining solid on creating opportunities for both the talented crowd and our customers, so they both continue to be free, prosperous, and adventurous. The advisory, academy, and lab services are operational simultaneously today. With that, we firmly believe Ideanco will create another transformative dent in the crowdsourcing universe to deliver superior quality of innovation and to create a healthy gig economy serving both the private and public sectors.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our elite talented crowd for their commitment to work on Ideanco’s innovative ideas and above all we want to thank all of our customers who truly believed in us and kept our core services alive for the last 20 years.

We are working together to shape tomorrow, today.


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