How the world would look like in 200 years?

Ever since the dawn of civilization, human life on earth evolved steadily and gradually but not as fast as it did in the past two hundred years or so. The industrial revolution brought about a steep rise in the slope of change in people’s lives and several major and fundamental breakthrough inventions were introduced, changing our way of life immeasurably. The Telegraph, Telephone, Electricity, Radio, Films, and Television have enriched lives and enabled fast access to sources of knowledge, news, and information. People became more aware of the other nations sharing the planet, their civilizations, and cultures; knowledge increased, as has the development of the human mind, imagination, creativity, and aspirations.

The invention of household appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric and gas cookers have eased life tremendously, freeing people from tedious chores. They were able to utilize newly produced spare time to follow arts and culture, hobbies, sports and other pursuits of happiness and joy; thus significantly enhancing their quality of life and subsequently their standard of living.

The advances in electronics and the invention of the transistor made a significant impact on the pace of progress and inventions. As a result, the introduction of the Computer into our lives has had a fundamental effect on the way we work, learn and live. The revolutions in telecommunications, Mobile Telephony, and the Internet produced sweeping changes in our lives and turned the Globe into a village. We are truly embarking on a new age in human development characterized by rapid changes, disruptive innovations, advances and exploration of new frontiers.

So how would the next two hundred years look like? No one can predict for certain but there are signs already of things to expect such as the development of sustainable energy sources and ways for better care of the environment, major leaps in transportation and air travel that may make it possible for humans to travel unimaginable distances and explore planets in our solar system and beyond. Advances in Nanotechnologies will produce major changes in the field of medicine and health care. The reliance on robotics and 3D printing, as well as drones and personal transporters, are only a few examples of life in a new brave world.

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