Sustainability Agreement with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change

Continuous Cooperation in Climate Change

To achieve continuous cooperation between ideanco and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment in climate action and the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in this field.

Areas of Cooperation


Collaboration on a number of climate change initiatives through identifying the mechanism of action of the initiative and main pillars in addition to its future steps.

Green Agenda

Work on initiatives related to achieving the UAE's Green Agenda 2015- 2030 and the implementation of the National Climate Change plan 2017- 2050.

Youth and Society

Cooperation in implementing projects and initiatives for youth and society in the field of preserving the environment and enhancing its sustainability.

Environmental Awareness

Developing programs to raise environmental awareness in climate change and sustainability among the youth and communities as a whole.


Ideanco and the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to work closely on supporting individuals and startups in various fields.


Work closely on on enhancing domestic efforts and maintaining the UAE’s position as a regional and international leader of climate action.

Innovative Climate Solutions

LTA to achieve continuous cooperation in implementing and promoting the initiatives.

Achieving the zero emissions goal

UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment is a federal entity concerned with environmental issues, and works to strength the national efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Ideanco is an idea innovator company aiming to raise climate awareness among the  global community, disrupt the status-quo, and enable to change-makers and innovators working in their communities to help humanity achieve the zero emissions goal.


“Over five decades, the UAE has worked hard to ensure that its development journey did not come at the expense of the environment. MOCCAE continues these efforts through an integrated approach that combines effective environmental legislation and regulations with on-the-ground action.”
“Once again, Ideanco is extremely proud to be working closely with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment on kick-starting green initiatives, which is related to achieving the UAE’s Green Agenda 2030 and the National Climate Change Strategy 2050″

Virtual Signing Ceremony | June 2021

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