Startups in Climate Change

Ideanco’s “innovation and disruption” business service is now engaged with the entrepreneurs and investors from climate change in Abu Dhabi, UAE under a platform called CLIX.

CLIX is a unique marketplace connecting on global level entrepreneurs and investors to enable partnerships that will power sustainable climate change solutions through knowledge, innovation, and funding. CLIX, an initiative of World Future Energy Summit, and part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week will take place in Abu Dhabi between 15th and 18th January 2018.

The initiative is focused on solving the world’s most pressing climate change issues by connecting local and global entrepreneurs (concepts, start-ups and innovative companies in different stages of funding), with an audience of potential and series investors (angel, seed investors and venture capitalists). The entrepreneurs will pitch conceptual ideas, new products, and transformative business models that are aligned with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment’s (MoCCE) three pillars of sustainability, namely: Air Pollution, Clean Mobility and Innovation in Agriculture.

CLIX picks entrepreneurs based on their application`merits and also in consideration of shortlisting a fair split across regions and between the three pillars of CLIX mentioned above. An assessment formula is in place to assess the entrepreneur for “eligibility” prior to the selection and potential investment commitment.

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