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Ideanco PRThe International Public Relations Association (IPRA) is a global community of senior professionals who are active in the field of Public Relations (PR). IPRA was founded over 60 years ago when a group of Dutch and British public relations professionals considered the concept of forming an international society for PR staff. The objective was to raise standards of public relations practice worldwide and improve the quality of the PR profession. Today, IPRA is a worldwide organization with members in both developed as well as emerging countries. IPRA is recognized as an international non-governmental organization (NGO) by the United Nations and granted consultative status. IPRA has always sought to provide intellectual leadership for the public relations profession and addresses key issues such as why companies should consider PR and benefit from its valid application to further their business goals.

It also addresses how strategic public relations and communication management can drive change and innovation on some crucial issues affecting developed and emerging economies such as the role of Public Relation in Marketing and Corporate decision making and driving the change in the behavior of audience and stakeholders. Good Narrative can cause positive change. Positive Public Relations can successfully turn negative publicity into a positive one using Public Relations skills.

Ideanco PRA key achievement of IPRA has been the development of a number of Codes and Charters seeking to provide an ethical framework for the activities of the profession. Upon joining IPRA all members undertake to uphold these Codes and in doing so benefit from the ethical climate that they create. In 2011 these Codes were consolidated into a single document updated to reflect the age in which we now live.





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