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The phenomenal growth of the U.A.E. real estate is a solid indicator of its healthy economy as well as its overall development and progress. The real estate sector proves to have experienced a fast growth rate over the past decade, with cities such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai leading the development drive across the region by successfully adopting leading international standards in a series of megaprojects, thus gaining global attention and admiration. The pace of growth is expected to continue, albeit more steadily, over the next few years and is driven by major development programs such as the Abu Dhabi 2030 Urban Structure Framework Plan (which is an implementation of the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision) and the Dubai City Infrastructure Upgrade program in preparation for the city’s hosting of the World Expo 2020.


In order for the U.A.E. to sustain its competitive advantage in the region, continuous innovation and excellence in the real estate business are necessary. Innovation will need to extend to all aspects of the sector including strategic planning to create a stronger sense of community & identity, design, modeling, project finance, construction, sales, marketing, and business development; the completion of these objectives will lead to higher levels of social cohesion and wellbeing.

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We have worked closely before with real estate major event organizers, contributing to their visions with branding and marketing strategies to achieve the desired outcomes. Project Forums will boast the largest gathering of decision makers across the infrastructure and energy sectors (which include government representatives, developers, contractors, and consultants), offering participating companies the opportunity to showcase individual company’s abilities, develop new business contacts and maintain market share through gaining first-hand knowledge on upcoming projects and industry trends.

The assigned objective of the Forum is to project a vision of a harmonious society, diversified, culturally rich and evolving in a continuously stable and sustainable environment. The forum demonstrated how smart, sustainable and innovative project management practices are executed to ensure successful outcomes in all sectors, which include Aerospace, Healthcare, Sports and Hospitality.


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