Mars Design

4 July – 30 August 2023 (Live M/W from Canada)

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Mars Design (Live Course)

Humans from all cultures around the world have been curious about the Red Planet Mars since before recorded history. After NASA’s discovery of flowing water on Mars, the possibility of packing up, and moving to the Red Planet seems more real than ever before.

Going from an Idea to product to a business is a long process, but it is worth all the investment as long as you believe in what you are doing and have full pledge passion to design and execute.


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Initiated by ideanco, “Mars Design” consists of different episodes addressing different themes related to the Red Planet. This is a challenge based-course aligned with the ideanco academy core and is open for both students and professionals aiming on designing innovative and habitable shelters for humans on the surface of Red Planet. Students and professionals who acquire the potential to turn ideas into inventions and to take the imitative to make Mars a habitable planet for mankind have the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation by designing utilitarian Mars shelters for future space habitats that can withstand Mars extreme cold, high radiation levels, lack of oxygen, and frequent dust storms. From Ideas to invention. Students are sharing ideas, creating concepts and soon designing prototypes of habitable shelters on Planet Mars that will be shared with the community and become the foundation of our knowledge on a global level.

Such a challenging course is designed to engage both ideanco, instructors and students directly in the research, development and design of functional components of future beyond Earth habitats.  Students to be exposed to the following:

  • Space innovation, rocket launchers and landers
  • Use of appropriate materials on Earth deployed to Mars
  • Study the Mars Environment
  • Use of Earth technology on the Red Planet based on the materials that are known to us from the surface of Mars
  • Economic sense of each cohorts’s project in relation to economic sense and innovation.
  • Kick start a product, that has the potential to become a startup on planet Earth.

Hybrid classes (Live synchronous), on-demand (pre-recorded asynchronous), and discussion cohorts, on Monday and Wednesday of every week, 3 hours per day – 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM EST. For more detailed information, visit our materials section and download the brochure.

The fee covers tuition and online case materials. MORE INFORMATION COMING SOON

What will you learn

Ideation is not only the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas but also a transformational process to creating influential SMEs and large enterprises.

Students can expect a carefully integrated mix of lectures, presentations, cohort discussions, and the hallmark Harvard University Aerospace Alumni Organization focusing on space exploration. The aim is to help students better understand design for survival outside our planet Earth by integrating both the business and design world. Besides creating a learning experience, part of the learning curve objective is to create a design that can also be seen as a product within a startup.

Our Instructors

Space Industry Leaders

The highest quality instructors come on board to provide real-time live knowledge about a particular subject on each day. The on-demand learning materials are made available for the students to do the research needed to figure out a particular solution for the problem provided. 

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