Drone for Beginners


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Drone for Beginners

  • Dates: Coming soon
  • Format: Virtual
  • Student: All ages
  • Fee: Price coming soon

The episodes covers pre-recorded sessions. Limited number of seats are available. Reserve your seat and register today.

On-demand episodes (Asynchronous: Ready e-learning). For more detailed information, visit our materials section and download the brochure.

The Drone Basic course is an open hybrid course that any person can book and take. This course is a comprehensive class that encompasses everything needed to know to become a proficient Remote Pilot. It is a training course that teaches you how to become an educated drone pilot who can plan and complete safe missions.


Asynchronous: Ready e-learning​


Synchronous: Live e-learning​


Our full-day drone pilot hybrid training course will equip you with all of the knowledge and skills you need to become a drone pilot. Ideanco’s experts, guide you through the process in our 8-hour Drone Pilot Training course designed to fly you around everything you need to know.

What will you learn

Whether you intend to progress your hobby or fly your drone as a freelancer, this course has been specifically designed for people looking to fly drones for commercial and personal purposes. Our objective is to provide sufficient knowledge to pass the theory and flight assessments in virtual class and in-field and to teach you to be self-sufficient (learn how to find the information rather than memorize it). Through Ideanco’s virtual class customized presentations, case studies, dynamic discussions, and in-field flying, you will gain a firm foundation for safely and responsibly piloting a drone.

Key Areas



Regulation and Safety

Flight Debrief

Pre-flight checklist

Manual Take off

Manual Landing


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Drone for beginners

Coming Soon


Junior Drone Wing Certificate

Download our brochure and learn more.

TAKE CHALLENGE TODAY and explore all premium educational materials on the starting date. Enjoy, and we look forward to seeing you!

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