Building Resiliency

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Building Resiliency

Stressors are an inevitable part of our life, and experiencing stressors over long periods can damage our bodies. However, we can learn to change how we approach and respond to stressful circumstances by using yoga, meditation and other techniques to help us more efficiently control our stressors and maximize health and well-being. With this program, we will explore how breath, yoga and meditation can relieve stress; we will examine the science behind these techniques as well as engage in practices to help integrating these into daily life. Improving these aspects can result in positive health behaviors, such as improved sleep, a significant factor in health outcomes, such as depression and mortality.


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This course will first examine the effects of acute and chronic stressors on the body’s systems, including the immune system, cardiovascular system, endocrine system, and markers of cellular aging, and how stressors can influence well-being habits such as sleep. We will then connect these physical and mental changes to health outcomes, including increased risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, infectious illness, and mortality. The above will provide a better understanding of the pathways through which stressors can influence health and mindset. Then, we will examine how different factors may help us better regulate our physiological and behavioral responses to stressors. Finally, we will review research elucidating how mind-body practices like meditation and yoga can lead to positive shifts in physiological parameters and help us better respond to stressful conditions. With guided breath, meditation, and yoga practices interspersed throughout, you can learn to apply these techniques in your own lives. Additionally, we will discuss the critical role of social relationships in helping us improve health and manage the different stressors we encounter.

What will you learn

We will learn how the body responds to acute stressors, physiological and health effects of acute and chronic stress, including sleep. It will be taught through yoga, meditation, and guided breathing exercises to improve your mental well-being and decrease the risk of health issues. On top of that, we will learn different mind-body techniques and social connections to manage stressors and better your health.

Wellbeing and Happiness

Ideanco integrates wellbeing and happiness into the culture by providing high quality and harmonies shared experience.




Danish word that translates to “coziness”. Pronounced hyoo·guh.





Our Coach

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Sally Dickerson


Pace University

Dr. Sally Dickerson is a psychology professor who has devoted over 20 years to conducting research on how stressful situations can impact the body. Her work has documented that social stressors — those characterized by social evaluation, rejection, and criticism — can activate biological systems (including the stress hormone cortisol and immune markers of inflammation) that can have effects on health. Her award-winning research has helped establish the conditions that activate aspects of the stress response.

Capitalizing on this scientific knowledge of how stress can influence health, she implements evidence-based practices to help reduce the negative effects of stress on psychological and physical well-being. As an avid yoga practitioner (20+ years) and a yoga teacher (RYT-500), she conducts workshops and lectures on the health benefits of research-based stress management techniques, including yoga and meditation.

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