Nourishon Dubai

Ideanco Nourishon Dubai

by ideanco Lab.

Ideanco Nourishon Dubai, an initiative by ideanco Lab., a transformative food security hackathon in the Middle East that took place on February 26 – 27, 2020 during the UAE Innovation Month and in partnership with AREA 2071.  Nourishon is inspired by Nourishment, which is “the food needed for us to grow, to stay healthy, and remain in good condition.” Ideanco Nourishon Dubai brings together the challenges of the region with the local and international innovators who have the passion, expertise, and capability to crack them and come up with an actual solution full of impactful benefits for the community locally, regionally and globally.

Chosen cohorts of innovators to tackle the set of challenges within 24-hours period in a hybrid program (at AREA 2071 in Dubai and virtually from anywhere in the world), before pitching their ideas in front of relevant and well-respected judges coming from the private and public sectors and in particular from the food security, and relevant industries. Such innovative ideas has the potential to be developed to tangible sustainable solutions, projects and potential startups that address not only the region’s food security challenges but also nutrition challenges in different cities across the globe.

The top cohort winner will be virtually incubated at the ideanco “Launch” pillar, powered by ideanco Lab. Ideanco assigned a dedicated virtual incubator platform for Food Security by the name of Kitchenette under Launch, which is inspired by kitchen with the necessary elements needed to innovate and come up with original products and shining food security startups.


ideanco Nourishon Dubai

AREA 2071, February 26 – 27, 2020, Dubai, UAE


To come up with solutions for the food security challenges


Provided by ideanco.


From across the globe


Provided by Ideanco and Partners


Top cohort winner to be part of the ideanco virtual Launch program

How it Works


Ideanco Nourishon Food Availability

Fast Food

Humanity is getting more reliable on fast-food restaurants and the convenience of personal delivery services, hence the disconnection from the food and lack of gratitude towards home food making. Make the impossible, possible!

Find a solution for the city dwellers to take part of the sustainable food-making and in-house sustainable agriculture.

Ideanco Nourishon Food Access

Office Food

Employees are getting more reliable on having access to all types of food at the office and this can cause a long-term problem for the wellbeing and the health of employees making them no longer able to be as productive. Make the impossible, possible!

Find a green nutrition solution for the office accessible by all employees and nurturing all employees.

Ideanco Nourishon Food Utilization

Food Waste

According to the “World Resources Institute”, roughly one-quarter of world’s food calories are lost or wasted between field and fork. Cutting this rate in half could close the food gap by about 20 percent by 2050. Make the impossible, possible!

Find a green solution to accelerate closing the food gap and create sustainable food future for all stakeholders.


Fast Food

Award Winner
First Place

Food Waste

Award Winner
Second Place

Fast Food

Award Winner
Third Place
Fast Food Winner
Food Waste Winner
Fast Food Winner

Wellbeing and Happiness

Happiness and Wellbeing are well integrated at the ideanco Lab, creating HYGGE.

Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish concept encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life.



Supporting and inspiring the next generation of innovators in the field of climate change and food security, while building strong relationships with future leaders of the industry.


Investing in a generation of future engineers, developers, and entrepreneurs. You will have the chance to shape the skill set and career trajectory of a tomorrow’s innovator.


Attracting innovators from Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Math, Philosophy, Cognitive Science and more…



Mavis Nduchwa

CEO of Kalahari Honey

Mavis Nduchwa is the CEO of Chabana Farms (Kalahari Honey) a honey aggregator from Botswana. Mavis is a 2019 BBC Food Chain Judge Botswana and recipient of the Woman Owned Business Of the Year 2019 Botswana (Grant Thornton), Most Outstanding African Entrepreneur Award 2018, and Botswana Innovation Award 2019.


Cinar Kurra

CEO of Catalyst

Cinar obtained his BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Evansville, as well as his MSc in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Cinar currently leads the Catalyst, a Masdar-BP initiative, which is the first startup accelerator focused on sustainability in the region.

Karin Gabriel

Co-Lead Programs at Dubai Future Foundation

Karin Gabriel has a 10+ years of international experience in program development and execution, project management and marketing.  Joined Dubai Future Foundation to build up Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) – a program focused on turning Dubai into a city-wide testbed for emerging tech by connecting start-ups and scale-ups from all around the world.

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Marketing Team Email:

Apply today to the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI and get a chance to solve global climate change challenges and to take your concept to the next level and be exposed to elite Judges aligned with sustainability and climate change. Innovators, professionals, entrepreneurs, startups or existing companies are allowed to enter the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI.

All individuals should be over 18 to enter the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI.

The entrepreneur is in the Food Security and Sustainability industry ONLY with a special highlight on the pre-identified challenges of the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI.

Selection Criteria

All applicants will go through the selection criteria as described below:

Internal Committee: The internal committee will meet, provide due diligence and appraise all applicants that applied to the IDEANCO NOURISHON platform. Applicants that do not meet the eligibility criteria will be excluded from the IDEANCO NOURISHON platform and notified.

Selection Committee: The selection committee consists of prominent and elite players from the sustainability and climate change industry (private and public sectors). The selection committee will choose the top innovators, professionals, entrepreneurs, startups or existing companies and will group them into Cohorts (minimum three per Cohort) that are suitable for the IDEANCO NOURISHON platform. The selection committee criteria is based on solution concepts.


The chosen cohorts will be made available for the 24 hours IDEANCO NOURISHON platform in Dubai or virtually from anywhere in the globe as per the announced dates of the NOURISHON. Qualified semi-finalists will be notified at least 2 weeks prior to the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI.


The organizers of the event will not cover expenses nor accommodation for any of the cohorts. Each of the Semi-finalists or cohorts are expected to pay for their own hotel stay, and transportation. As an alternative, chosen cohorts can work on the challenges virtually.


At IDEANCO NOURISHON the judges will evaluate semi-finalists during the challenge pitch and results will be given on the same day to all semi-finalists as per judging criteria below:

  • Innovativeness of Approach
  • Quality of Solution
  • Viability
  • Impact
  • Implementation
  1. By entering this competition and/or by applying and sending your information to the “IDEANCO NOURISHON” platform/workshop owned by Ideanco Innovation Management Consultancy (“The Organizer”), an entrant is indicating his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.
  2. Persons must be aged at least 18 years to apply. All applicants in the UAE attending the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI will be signing a consent form that will be shared via email before the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI.
  3. There is no entry fee to apply.
  4. Acceptable Entries must be made by completing the online application process via specialized campaigns under IDEANCO NOURISHON or any other digital direct marketing campaign issued by Ideanco, or direct digital E-mailer issued by Ideanco. Applications not submitted via the online application process will not be accepted. Visit our Website (// or click on “Apply” to access the application at //
  5. Maximum one application per person. Entrants are discouraged from making multiple entries. The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any entrant found to have done so.
  6. The entrant acknowledges and agrees that all information provided and contained in the application form is true and correct. The Organizer may verify the validity of entries and disqualify any entrant without notice for providing false information, failing to comply with these terms and conditions or tampering with the entry process.
  7. The entrant warrants that the information contained in his/her application does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.
  8. This webpage // contains material including text, photographs, video, and other images and sound, which is protected by copyright, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights. All rights related to the above webpage, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, are retained by the Organizer.
  9. The entrant will indemnify the Organizer and keep indemnified, in full against all liabilities, costs, damages, demands, and expenses suffered or incurred by the Organizer for a claim arising out of, or in connection with or enforcement of, a breach of the above warranty.
  10. No responsibility can be accepted for entries not received for whatever reason. The Organizer accepts no responsibility for entries that are incomplete, corrupt, delayed or not received for whatever reason. Proof of transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt. The Organizer also reserves the right to disqualify from the promotion any entrant suspected of fraud or cheating including, without limitation, through the manipulation of codes, multiple computer-generated entries, or otherwise fraudulently falsifying data or acting fraudulently or dishonesty in the opinion of the Organizer.
  11. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice in the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of the Organizer’s control. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible by the Organizer.
  12. Participants will pay for their own meals if it is outside the main venue of the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI. Any other expenses are not specified herein are the sole responsibility of the Participant and not the Organizer.
  13. Applications will be assessed and judged by a committee from all entries received. The judge’s decision in respect of all matters will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  14. Each successful Entrant must:
    1. be responsible for the safety of all their own belongings;
    2. obey the laws of Dubai and the UAE
  15. The Organizer, its employees, and/or contractors will not be liable for participants health insurance or any loss or damage including indirect and consequential loss (however caused), suffered by the Participants (Participants) in connection with these terms and conditions, the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI.
  16. Pending allocation of funding for the Ideanco’s Virtual Incubator Program from potential sponsors and supporters (private and/or public sectors), the top cohort winner of the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI will be getting a chance to enter the Ideanco Virtual Incubation Program in order to take their concept from an actual idea into a tangible working prototype. Once funding is confirmed within three months period after the actual dates of the IDEANCO NOURISHON, top cohort winners will be notified. In case of funding is not secured for the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI, ideanco reserves the right to cancel the Virtual Incubator Program (Launch).
  17. Ideanco’s website may link to external third party websites or third party content. The links and content are provided as-is, for convenience, and without any liability. Third party links and content may be subject to third party terms. The Organizer provides no warranty and accepts no liability for such external third party websites or content (including disclaiming any liability arising from any claim that the content of an external website linked to this website infringes the intellectual property of a third party).
  18. Each Participant agrees to the use of his/her name and image in any publicity material, as well as their entry. Any personal data relating to Participant or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current local data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent.
  19. Personal data made available to the Organizer via Ideanco’s website or the application page on Ideanco’s website or a third party will only be processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before proceeding.
  20. The Organizer shall have the right, at its sole discretion and at any time, to change or modify these terms and conditions, such change shall be effective immediately upon posting to its website. You will be bound by the most current version of the terms on the website.
  21. Limitation of Liability
  22. All participants taking part in the IDEANCO NOURISHON declare that they have sufficient ownership of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents, copyright, etc), programmes and/or content included in their proposals, declaring through the acceptance of this Legal Notice that they do not infringe on any intellectual property right or any other rights and exempting Organizer from any liability regarding the use of the above-mentioned programs and/or content. Specifically, and in relation to the content and images that participants may make public during the IDEANCO NOURISHON, the latter guarantee and are liable to Organizer and third parties for the following aspects:
  23. They are legitimate owners or holders of rights, granting Organizer the license for their publication and, where appropriate, have obtained the necessary consent from third parties to do so.
  24. They do not violate applicable laws such as those relating to the right to privacy, image, intellectual, industrial or similar property rights, or any right of a third party, either a person or a company.
  25. In the unlikely event that they publish personal details about another person during the course of the IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI, they should have previously obtained their consent for the publication.
  26. The Participant (participants) will, therefore, be liable to the Organizer for the accuracy of the details reported, ensuring that they do actually correspond to them and not to a third party, holding Organizer harmless from any demand or claim that, if applicable, could be made by third parties in relation to the above statements, and any legitimate right to the content that is published and/or provided to Organizer as part of the IDEANCO NOURISHONThe participants are in any event solely liable for their health insurance and the consequences of damages or actions arising from the use of the content and/or programs included in their proposals, as well as their reproduction and diffusion. Intellectual and/or industrial property for initiatives and projects submitted in the “IDEANCO NOURISHON” will – where appropriate in each case – belong exclusively to participants who submitted them, unless otherwise agreed with the participants to have them sign an Intellectual Property Release Form which will be distributed during the IDEANCO NOURISHON on request. All Participants to work together with high respect of one another and in an ethical way of communicating with each other.
  27. Participation in IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI automatically means that you agree on giving Ideanco or Emirates Foundation the permission to take appropriate photos during the IDEANCO NOURISHON workshop where Ideanco or Emirates Foundation holds the right to use the photos to promote for their programmes without asking the guardian, school or university or group or individual’s permission. This includes and not limited to posting on Ideanco or Emirates Foundation website, social media or using it in media or publications.
  28. Code of Conduct:


Let us Empower each other and share knowledge and skills. It is the outcome of a greater chance to have a successful idea or project. This code of conduct serves to ensure that everybody and anybody who wishes to participate is able to do so, and applies to IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI workshop. Further, it applies to online activities related to IDEANCO NOURISHON DUBAI Workshops, including postings on social media.


  • Do not Harass: Harassment is any unwelcome or hostile behavior towards another person for any reason. This includes, but is not limited to, offensive verbal comments related to personal characteristics or choices, sexual images or comments, deliberate intimidation, bullying, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of discussion or events, a nonconsensual publication of private comments, or inappropriate physical contact. Conduct need not be intentional to be harassment.
  • Respect the Opinions and Abilities of Others: This Code of conduct is designed as a place for people all of the different skill levels and approaches to meet and work together toward common goals. As a result, we do not expect that everybody will share the same opinion. However, we do expect that disagreement is done respectfully. We are all learning.


As per terms and conditions, and for the applicants or cohort members who are confirming their attendance “In Person at AREA 2071”, the organizers of the workshop will not cover any sort of expenses nor accommodation for any of the cohorts. Each member of the cohorts are expected to pay for their own hotel stay, and transportation. As an alternative, chosen cohorts can work on the challenges virtually.

Food will be provided by AREA 2071 for Day One and Day two. Kindly point out your “dietary restrictions” to our staff member as indicated in the shared digital Guideline prior to the workshop.

Medical Conditions:
Please point it out medical condition you may think it is reasonable for us to be aware of as indicated in the shared digital Guideline prior to the workshop.

The same above applies to Judges attending the workshop.