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Our academy’s methodology brings a sense of knowledge empowerment and inspirational adventure to the students. We are equipped with hands-on experience in digital, tech, and liberal skills to prepare students for both “University” and the “Professional” world focusing on both STEM (Science, Technology, and Math) and Liberal Arts.

How teaching works


Create Content

Whether for on-demand or hybrid learning, create and curate content that will provide your students with the knowledge base needed to meet the learning goal.


Build Your Community

Build your interactive community by creating quizzes, exercises, and assignments. Create cohorts, write welcome messages for your students, and answer their questions.


Start Earning

Earn money from the on-demand every time a student buys your inspirational content and make more money by working on original live content for hybrid learning.

Grow your community

By teaching at ideanco Academy, you can grow your online following by connecting with the teams, give back while earning money in a boundless virtual world. Top earning instructors projected to make $100,000+ each year.

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