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We take extreme pride in being an early adopter of crowdsourcing, a significant innovation key differentiator. Our name, ideanco, was born out of the fusion of ‘idea’ and ‘company.’ It implies that we place ideas, transformation, and creativity as the cornerstones of our business; hence, ideanco “the idea innovator company.” Since 1999, we have been harnessing the vast powers of creative thinking and disruptive innovation to bring about better business ideas for our clients.

By adopting the unique and powerful business model of crowdsourcing, we can introduce significant uplifts in our clients’ businesses that enable them to thrive and prosper. Our goal is for our clients to benefit from our creative thinking capabilities and expertise to attain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Crowdsourcing Business Model

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To create a thriving world of opportunities benefiting the world, today and tomorrow


To exploit opportunities with the most exceptional talent, building together a prosperous and adventurous community

Ideanco looked across the horizon and started to expand its core services by introducing practical training equipping professionals and innovators with all types of trendy skills under the newly introduced “Academy.”, and providing research, incubation, and crowdfunding services for startups under the recently formed “Lab.”


Leveraging the knowledge of the crowd to provide transformational strategies with long-term value


A challenge based-learning inspirational community taking the transformational steps in their learning journey


Shaping tomorrow by Investing in the ideas of innovators and startups to create great products today!





psst…. Ideanco, pronounced as EYE-DEE-AH N CO., or using ordinary words “ idea ‘n’ ko. ” for “ idea ‘n’ co. ” with the meaning “Idea and Company.”

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