Welcome to ideanco Academy.

A challenge-based learning platform with specialized classes made available in a hybrid format, which is in-class integrated with online, and on-demand via our online portal. The Academy provides knowledge empowerment to dreamers from different cultures across the globe.

Powered by ideanco to create opportunities for a better future, the Academy is one of the core services at Ideanco providing skills learning, and creating a force for growth, change, and discovery.

Transformational learning

Ideanco Academy is an online community with the highest quality challenge-based learning classes made available in a hybrid format, which is in-class/online, and on-demand in the form of pre-recorded courses.


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Building Resilience

The majority of our resilience building challenges are focusing on building skills and interaction within the youth population, with the primary goal of learning and finding solutions for problems with global impact, completing a project, and receiving a certificate of accomplishment.

Our ultimate goal is to create future jobs in climate change, space exploration, satellites, aviation, food security, human aging, and many more.

Skills academy

Taught by exceptional professionals and industry leaders, Ideanco Academy is a challenge-based learning methodology. Instructors come from climate change, aerospace, food security, mobility, culture, art, and many more.

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Establish resiliency by building knowledge and practical skills in problem-solving, collaboration, and communication.